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Morning all , a friend  in Wales on the allotment where  we used to be neighbors phoned me yesterday ,he,s a good gardener and has 2 large allotments now,his latest thing is the very large used farmers tractor tyres ,he has 4 set in a square which makes 4 nice big raised beds and one in the middle,he says he,s not painting them because its an allotment and insists they look ok,and are working very well ,he points out that he walks on the tyre walls to work the soil so no soil damage and are dig free,they cost only a couple of pints of beer to deliver as the farmers have to pay to dispose of them, Trevor matey i give you ten for tryingimage



  • iGrowiGrow Posts: 183
    Good idea but when he gives up the allotments he will probably be charged for somebody to dispose of them.
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    I think most people would be delighted to have ready made raised beds(much better than inheriting a jungle full of bramblesimage) Its a great idea, I would think they help warm the soil too as the black of the tyres absorbs the heat of the sun.

  • Good day, I think this is a brilliant idea.  My daughter who is now 8 has an allotment next to mine.  Alas, very little top soil.  A local hero has donated some top soil and 3 large tractor tyres are on the way.  Thrilled.  However, I have just been told that tyres are toxic?  image Is this true?  I always thought that these were now recycled, chopped up and reused on children's play area etc to avoid injury during a fall?  Help please as I will have to cancel delivery if this is true.

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    I too have made use of tyres to grow veg/fruit in along with most other types of containers.  Have not noticed any problemsimage

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    Hello , I inherited some ordinary tyres on my allotment and I have used them for herbs and they have do exceptionally well

    however ,  2 other allotments have got tractor tyres left by-previous people and are proving a problem because of the sheer size we are talking of at least 12 ft across and take 4 men to move them ! the amount of soil to fill these would be huge!image

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    12 feet across? They're not farm tractor tyres, might be off dumper trucks in a large quarry

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