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Shed - man or womans world?

My bloke and I were unfortunate enough to find ourselves out of work from april last year till nov/jan respectively. He built me the most amazing shed out of stuff that the trades where we worked would have thrown out (sleepers, scaffold boards, floor boards) you name it, its in my shed! I call it my shed because it is MY SHED! his is full of rubbish. My shed (God I love it!) has cuttings, seedlings hanging hooks for young baskets, a radio, light power - no bar yet but im working on that bit!! It doubles up as a drying area in wet weather and the dog loves to go chill out in it (mind you he is a total wus! 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645

    Our shed is mine too - which means I get to paint it.  Managed a first coat last year before winter arrived but now need to sand it all down and do at least one more coat to keep it going for several years.   I also get to fill it and use it and decide what we store in it so no crap and space for shelves for all my various gardening bits and pièces - seed trays, grit, compost, potting bench and so on.

    OH only goes in to help me build shelves or carry heavy pots of hostas and lillies for storage over winter.

    Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
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    There is no room in our shed for either a man or a woman...image

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    When I took over my allotment in 1991 my "shed" was a corrugated iron affair with air conditioning and running water. When I retired 5 years ago my colleagues had a whip round and gave me enough money to buy a new shed, which I am sure will not last as long as the previous one. Rats had built the equivalent of Silbury hill inside the old shed and now they are slowly gnawing their way into my new refuge via the floor boards. Bird seed is securely contained in a bin. Any ideas on how to organically rid my shed of these varmints?

    The old timers on the site asked me, when I first started gardening there, if I was going to put net curtains up at the windows and hang a mirror in the corner. (I was the first woman to have my own plot on the site). I was asked if I was going to have a go rather than what did I plan to grow.



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    My shed is MINE! Which means that when it is a mess, I have no one else to blameimage

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    We have our own sheds.


    He has a 18ft x 10 ft MONSTER shed that is the envy of all other sheds! Its going to be a proper workshop / space for him to retreat into and do whatever it is men do in their shed (I think it is often best not to ask).

    I have the former wash room outbuilding. The paint is peeling, the mice rampant despite my attempts to convince them they can't get into the bird food (last I found they were eating the weed killer packaging instead), the floor in need of painting.

    BUT it has two windows, a sink with running water, and its solid. (Also useful for someone of my delicate nature its next to the outdoor loo!)

    Plans are to knock into the coal shed next door to create more space which we will then fill with the washing machine and a tumble drier (well - it is a ladies room after all), install the required electricity and water, paint, put up some shelves for all those things a lady needs in her shed then lock myself in and hide.



  • My Shed, my next-door neighbor, I'm sure this spelling is wrong, gave me his old kitchen table. there is a bookshelf and other shelves for seed trays. Fold away chairs. A bench for changing into garden clothes. A potting area which doubles for my arts and crafts and a radio. The walls are covered in garden/wildlife articles and pictures from newspapers and mags. Outside above the door I have a outdoors clock. 

    It's not much but it's mine!

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    I don't have a shed image But I do have my GH, which did have a chair that I have had to remove as there are now too many plants!  The shed which is next to my GH keeps the bikes in and no room for anything else.

    The garage is my OH's he has his classic car in there that comes out occasionally when its not raining or icy!! I have 1 shelf where my wine is maturing.....oh and the tumble dryer which apparently is also mine imageimage Every other space in the garage is for OH's junk, although unlike Artjak I still seem to get the blame when it's a mess, it's usually my wine messing it up!!  (It never even moves!!!).

    Last month in my Woman and Home mag there was an article on ladies 'sheds', they were brilliant, all decorated beautifully, puts non-shed GH to shame really.

    What I would really like is a beach hut image

  • TaskerTasker Posts: 29

    The shed is my kingdom alone - sub-let to a rather large gang of spiders and the odd visiting mouse! Which means that no-one in the family but me (and even I knock) dares to enter the stygian gloom. It’s also full with my "one day that will be useful" hoarded items, which makes any attempt at movement into the furthest reaches particularly hazardous. All in all a true man cave.

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    ...the contents of my shed are much like my handbag... a complete mess....  my husband wouldn't dare rummage....even a thief might go...aaaarrrghhh!...

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    Ooooo - I'd love a shed.  I am allowed a small corner of the garage and my 'potting shed' is the kitchen work top.  No shed either on the allotment.  It does mean that I have to be very tidy   Like Orchid Lady the garage is full of OH's junk which magically migrates to my corner. 

    I have written a message to Kirsty Allsop to find me a shed with a house attached (and large garden) - haven't posted it yet though.image

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