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I thought it was dust!

I have a long narrow raised bed and had planted winter pansies.  Everywhere else they thrived but in this bed they were dying.  I lifted them, saw the dust on the surface...looked closer.....Yugh, millions of itsy bitsy greenflies.  Promptly sprayed with warn soapywater - have I done the right thing?  Will the bed need new compost?  Any advice warmly received.  image


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    yes you have ,wash them off with soapy water or with your fingers squash them.image

  • Thanks rose - the bugs were covering the surface of the compost - thousands of them....I'd have been up all night squashing themimage.....I've just had a look and they seem to be dead or dying now after their soapy shower.

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