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Broom and snails


i have a broom (Cytisus Hollandia)plant in my west facing garden.This will be it's 3rd year, the first it flowered well, the second not at all. yesterday i noticed small, developing flowers, today nothing but 12 snails all over it!

Is broom particularly susceptible to snail damage? I've never seen a plant so covered in snails- not even a hosta! could this explain why it didn't flower last year?


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    snails eat anything and climb bushes very well.image

  • sthlndngrowersthlndngrower Posts: 154

    Thank you verdun & flowering rose (love the pic by the way). As the stem is quite woody, i really hadn't realised the snails would love it so much. How do they know to climb a metre tall plant to nibble on tiny, developing flowers at the top? Blighters! slug pellets where are you?

  • I think broom must taste great, i planted five this year and our Hare has eaten them all, nothing left at all. Why can`t he eat the weeds?

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