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Concerned about my new kniphofia (little maid and bressingham comet)- planted in march but there's no sign of growth.  I thought it was slugs /snails but few bits of chewed foliage still haven't changed so there's something else going on too.

Im considering digging them up and having a look at the roots.  But if it's just slower to establish and Im being too impatient then digging up would be silly.

So do I investigate or wait?


  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    I got some last year as part of a 'long border' pack of 72 perennials from a mail order company.  They didn't flower first year, unlike some of the other perennials, but seem to have put on a bit more growth this year.  I think I read that they like a dry sunny border, which is what they have here, although can't swear to it.  So given that they have what they want, maybe they are just a bit slow to settle in?

  • LynHistLynHist Posts: 5

    I have put in 2 new knips this year and neither have flowered although they have put on some growth.  I think it's a case of waiting for them to settle in. They do prefer moist soil in summer but hate winter wet. 

  • SupernoodleSupernoodle Posts: 954

    Be patient, Verdun??!  my post was over a year ago! image

    As an update, though, neither kniphofia survived. However I got some mail order bare root daylilies delivered in May this year. They were cheap as had lost their labels - so a "lucky dip".  One of them turned out to be a kniphofia, blooming from the off.imageimageimage

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