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Hi Guys,

Looking for some help (again)..

Thinking ahead, i have planted a lot of clematis, various groups and varieties, my main worry is the group three type, as far as i can see i should prune them back to about 30cm in early spring (Feb/March) considering i am in central Scotland and we had frost only the other day in the middle of May wouldn't this be harmful to the plants new growth?..Could i wait till late spring early summer before pruning back or would this be more harmful?..

Never cast a clout till May be out...

Thanks in advance



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    I have exceptionally cold winters here in central Belgium and leave pruning my group 3 clems until I see new growth coming from the root ball.  I then cut all stems off to about 30cms - just above all the new shoots and give them a good feed of pelleted chicken manure and a few organic slug pellets and my plants do extremely well.

    This year they were cut in mid to late March as spring came early but often as not it's mid to late April depending on how long winter lasts.  I sometimes have permafrost in my soil till the first week of April but then everything suddenly grows with a whoosh.

    The Vendée, France
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    please remember Davie, in your quote MAY is not the month, but is in fact the hawthorn blossom which is called MAYjust a tit bit of information for the Gardeners World fans, regards john watson   

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    Thanks again Obelixx, i think i'll follow your example on pruning and keep a close eye on my G3's..

    Well i never, all these years i thought it meant till the end of the month of May, thanks for that John..

    Lang may yer lum reek..image


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