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Last years fuchsias and bizzie lizzies

crazyflowercrazyflower Posts: 69

A little advice please. Can I cut back the roots of last years fuschias and fill with fresh compost, as they have come through the winter, i'd like to put more 'basket' plants in with them. I do have some new small fuschia plants, a Thompson and Morgan offer but these r v small.

Also I bought 6 'basket' plants from Aldi, one being a bizzie lizzie, is this likely to die from the disease which has killed them all off in the past, shud I risk it? If its likely to die i'll prob take it back to them and tell them they shouldn't be selling them and swap it.


  • LynLyn Posts: 21,411

    With regards to the fuchsias, take them out of the pots and check the compost for vine weevil, if ok then cut back the very thick roots, they are last years, you only need the fibre type root, 

    If they are just making leaves, cut them back, its a bit late now but they will make a good growth and flower .through till autumn. If they already have a nice lot of leaves and in a shape that suits you, then pot them up in new compost, they dont need anything special.  When they sta

    rt to flower give them a weekly feed with tomato food, or similar with a high potash content. Enjoy, they are my fav flowers.


    They have been working on disease free bizzie lizzies for some time and I would say that yours is ok. No one has bred the sick ones for a while (maybe the home gardener) but not nurseries.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • crazyflowercrazyflower Posts: 69

    Thanks Lyn, i've made up a new basket with them, squeezed a lot in, i'll see how it goes! As for the Bizzie Lizzie (r is it Busy Lizzie), it says on the packaging produced in UK for Aldi, thought the plants may have come from Germany, so someone prob still growing them in UK to sell, i'll see what happens to it. 

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