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Conifers Gone - Replace with What?

We live in a very rural village in Lincolnshire on a tiny estate of 25 houses (council). To the rear of our house is woodland. When we moved in 6 years ago the boundary between us and next door was a Leylandii 'hedge' already beyond our reach at well over 25ft. It didn't bother us as it gave our garden excellent protection and privacy!! Our garden is 95ft x 75ft so the hedge was just short of that at 50ft. So the garden is far from small!

To cut a long story short the council have now been in and cut the trees down, and used stump grinders to remove the stumps. They erected a 6' close board fence along this boundary.

So here is the problem. We now effectively have a strip of garden which is some 45' x 4' wide where the trees were and frankly the soil look poor and full of roots. Bearing in mind like most people we have a limited budget, what an earth do we do with this devastation?


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    For the summer you could buy a big bag of sunflower seeds - the type you feed to birds - throw it around and wait for a forest of sunflowers.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
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    We had the same problem about four years ago.  Dig around the roots (pickaxe can be handy) and enrich the soil where the holes are large enough for shrubs or climbers.  That way you don't use compost that only weeds will grow in. We planted some clematis and evergreen honeysuckle to help disguise the fence.  It is hard work but you would be surprised what can grow. It just takes time.

    Ask people around for cuttings to grow on and look for bargains in the supermarkets.

    I will try and find a photo from last year to post. 

  • Good replies already.

    Just for info on some of the questions. We were told when this was done we shouldn't wire the fence as this may lead to problems in years ahead with any subsequent tenants.

    Sunshine from 11am to 6pm in summer.
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     First year.

    Good luck. We still have one more Leylandii hedge to sort out but I will try to remember what we have already achieved.  Please let us know how you manage. It's great to hear updates and pics if possible.

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    Envying the sunshine for that long!  I'm over the border.  I think Verdun's choice of shrubs sounds good. Lonicera Nitada can grow well but needs clipping frequently. It also grows well from cuttings.

    Sorry, not stalking you but it is a subject close to my heart (and back and shoulders and wrists etc)! 

    Gardening is the best.

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