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No leaves on my Cherry Blossom

Have i killed my Cherry Blossom. I pruned it in February, it was fine last year.

This year there is only a few flowers on one or two branches and a handful of leaves. image. The branches are brittle and easily snapped.


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,318

    Hello Elaine. Cherry blossom tres don't live terribly long, maybe 20 years or so. If yours looks like it's been around for a while it may just have reached its normal lifespan. If it's not all that old, I would hunt around in the soil to see if you can see any black wiry things - cherry trees suffer from Honey fungus.

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  • me londonme london Posts: 119

    All I know is that cherry trees shouldn't be pruned until mid summer because you have to wait until all new growth has matured - one of the few tree's that do not appreciate being pruned at other times. Waiting to do mine at the mo as have a few low branches on my young tree that need to be removed.

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