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Hi, I have a forest flame which is full of lily of the valley flowers but not much new growth as yet, does the new growth appear where the flower has been?  I do have a small section of new growth to one side but the inside of the plant seems a bit sparse


  • LavandeLavande Posts: 171

    I think my pieris sprouts its new growth as the flowers are fading because the same thing crossed my mind this spring.  I have an established one which has flowered and is now ablaze with goldeny pink new leaves and a smaller newer one which didn't have a great deal of flowers or new growth but it seems to be sprouting new leaves now.  It's a beautiful  shrub isn't it?  It really contributes to that burst of springtime colour . Fingers crossed yours is about to do the same.

  • Many thanks, I shall sit tight and wait and see..

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