Is there any tried and trusted method to eradicate leatherjackets.Ive just had to replace all my strawberry plants as they have munched their way through the roots.What attracts them? Hope someone can help...........


  • Moonlit HareMoonlit Hare Posts: 153

    The Starlings are making short work of ours!

  • The best way is to attract starlings to your garden.  Try siting a feeder with suet pellets in near the problem area.  Once you have starlings, if they need encouragement, scatter pellets on the ground where you need them to work.

  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

    I lay a section of compost bag or a length of black plastic sheet over the area. leave overnight, Next morning they will have come to the surface so you can dispose of them.

    You are sure they are leatherjackets and not vineweevil grubs? VW grubs need to treated differently.

  • EdentoyEdentoy Posts: 64

    Will try the starling method as i have put black plastic down ,unfortunately no luck so far. Thanks for ur helpimage

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