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Help with my borders please

I've been busy toying up the borders in my garden but am not sure what to plant in them! In one border I currently have a lavender bus and peony but there's much more space to be filled. It gets the sun for most of the day. The other border is very shady apart from a bit of early morning sun. Ives planted a small fern, some lily of the valley and a few cowslips here. I'd like an informal wild flower type border but not sure which ones to go for despite searching the RHS site if also like something everygreen to add some interest during winter. Any suggestions?!


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    take a look at ford Abbey with there amazing borders and if you are near there take a visit or any open garden session to pick up ideas .image

  • ooh you lucky thing. Lots of perennials love sun: salvias, asters, rudbeckia to name but a few. Plus grasses of all kinds. For winter interest probably best to get some shrubs in - there are many that flower in winter. And irises would love the sun, although you are probably looking at next year now for flowering. You could probably buy some that have gone over at half price this year for a fantastic show next year. The plant I bought my Mum for her sunny border - a "rescue" buy last year - is flowering profusely this year and the envy of her neighbours! As Flowering Rose suggests, have a look at some gardens........ and isn't there a big flower show this month?

  • Thanks for your replies. Any ideas what sort of shrubs?! I'll google the perennials you've suggested. I'll also look out for 'rescue' plants!!
  • for winter interest some flowering shrubs to consider: daphne (absolutely heavenly scent in Jan/ Feb), maybe a witch hazel, cornus (for the brightly coloured stems, will probably look fab in your sunny border), there are some lovely hebes with coloured leaves - heartbreaker has lovely pink and purple leaves and doesn't grow too big, euonymus is another good "do-er" with attractive foliage. I'm sure others can make some great suggestions. I can also recommend Carex Evergold, which is a sedge (technically). Basically a grassy type plant with nice silvery and green striped leaves. Plays a supporting role in the summer when other stars of the border take over but in winter when everything is a bit drab it looks great. I have lots of it, all divisions from one plant, which I've planted throughout my border to link all the different plants together. Grows in full sun or shade. You have so much to choose from!

  • I cannot thank you all enough. What a great list you've given me. I'm on a very tight budget so will hopefully find some discount plants and seeds.
  • Not sure why my comment didn't appear Patsy F!

    It was regarding my budget. It's an expensive year for us but we really want the garden to look good. Do you think seeds will flower this year or is just wishful thinking?!
  • GinglyganglyGinglygangly Posts: 243

    chuck some annual seeds in now and you should have lots of flowers this summer - poppies, cosmos, whatever you fancy! You should have a riot of colour for a few pence. You could also sow some perennial seeds like aquilegias and they will flower next summer, also biennials like foxgloves. You're so lucky - I have to rely on perennials as annuals never get enough sun to get going in my mainly shady garden. And lurk around the "plant rescue" stands in the garden centres, B&Q and supermarkets. Look for shrubs and perennials that will come back next year. the discount stores often have bargain plants too. Good luck!

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