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A friend of mine asked me a question about vine weevils he found some in a pot and emptied the compost out disposed of the grubs, and re potted it with fresh compost the plant had only a few roots left.the question is will it survive or not.I could not tell him so thought I'd open it to the forum for a answer? thanks for any replies to help him.


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    Depends on how much foliage it has - too much and what little roots are left will not be able to cope.  If that's the case the answer is to cut the plant back.  If we knew which plant, we could give more specific advice. image

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  • As Bob says, knowing what the affected plant is would generate more specific advice.

    All I can say is that when my Heucheras were badly attacked last year, they had very little root left.  I trimmed off all the excess foliage, cleaned the root system and then potted them up in trays, dosed them with Provado and most lived to tell the tale.

    I cannot vouch for other species.




  • I forgot too say rhurbarb thanks I will pass on advice to him don't know much about vine weevil grubs,thanks again.

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