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Explosion of Wolf Spiders

Has anyone else noticed a huge number of wolf spiders (black ones) racing around their garden?I am seeing them in big numbers now - a population explosion! I have recently added a micro pond (washing up bowl size) to the garden, but I can't imagine it's attracted so many arachnids.

I had loads of ladybirds too, but their numbers have declined slightly in the last week or two and I'm wondering if the spiders have been feasting on them - not even sure they kill ladybirds.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has witnessed this increase.I live in the north west of England by the way.


  • ightenighten Posts: 184

    We must have them by the thousands.. Though they probably love all the old wall stone and flags from the barn that are currently all over the south garden as we restore the buildng. From what I remember though they have always been very prominent. Also North West.

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