I have an 8ish year old cistus in my garden.  Perfect spot in the sun and It has been the most prolific flowerer and resilient to whatever nature has thrown at it.  Unfortunately this year it has a lot of brown woody branches with no flower buds.  There are branches with buds and also some which are in full bloom.  I have never pruned this shrub - I don't know why, I must have heard somewhere that I shouldn't.  Now having googled it, I read it should be lightly pruned each year - and - that its lifespan is perhaps only eight years or so.

Up until today I had thought the dead branches were due to frost damage and was going to cut them out.  Now I don't know whether it's reaching the end of its natural life, if it is suffering from lack of pruning - or - if it has frost damage.  Does anyone have any ideas about the best approach to take at the moment? I thought I would have it forever - it was so happy and reliable image


  • RobotRobot Posts: 137

    Hi Lavande,

    Due to a restructure of my garden I had to move two well established Cistus about a month ago.  They were also quite leggy with lots of brown stems with nothing on.  So, they had two chances so I chopped them to within an inch of their lives and replanted them in their new homes.  They are now looking great - a bit smaller but they'll grow - and starting to flower.  Hope this helps.

  • LavandeLavande Posts: 153

    Yes, Robot that helps a lot - thank you.  I'll leave it in place and cut it right back. I'm so glad yours have bounced back from their short back and sides and enjoying their new homes.

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