Trying to push back boundary hedge & design ideas

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A couple of things:

1) I'm trying to push back my boundary hedge as it is creeping further into the garden and just need to push it back and try and line it up with some fruit trees. 

I have a lovely rhododendron which goes really well with the fruit tree blossom next to it, so i don't want to destroy it but wondering if I cut into old wood will it shoot up again or not? 

I did cut back a few branches last year, but they were in leaf rather than old wood.


You can kind of see from here how it fills such an area, and there is lots of snowberry there that I'm trying to dig out and get rid off gradually. 



2) This is further down the same boundary.  I'm thinking of taking back the rhododendron here to take off the whole of the lower level of branches.  I've planted another rhodo and an oakleaf hydrangea to the right of this to try and fill that space. 


 I then have a big gap between rhododendrons underneath an oak tree (the left part of photo above).  I'm trying to figure out what to do with that area.  RHS says not to plant rhodo's under big trees.  Could I put in a little pond there if I put netting over to limit leaves ? or what plants would go well with rhododendrons.  I eventually would like it to be a boundary full of rhododendron's so in 30 years my grandchildren can climb through them... 


 starting to dig out the snowberry and have cut it down quite a lot.  at the back of the muddy bit I found an azalea so that gives some idea how much the boundary has crept forward. Would like to try and push everything back to that level if possible ? 

On light sandy soil north facing boundary. 

Hmm what to do.  There are a couple of laurels and a viburnum further down. Just need to get that gap filled and get the snowberry under control as it is smothering other rhodo's and azaleas that I'm finding now. 

Sorry its a bit garbled, hard to get across what I want and find out how to get it. 


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    Are the rhodies of value?  Are they good varieties?  They can be cut back really hard, but they will be very ugly for some years until they grow up again.

    If you do not value the varieties very much, have them out completely.

    IMO it is unwise to put a pond under trees.  Not only because of the falling leaves, but shade as well.

  • Peanuts3Peanuts3 Posts: 758

    ok, thank you.  I personally love the rhodo's so would like them to stay.  Don't seem to be many rhodo lovers on this forum...

    I'll have another think about where to put a pond.  hard when a garden full of trees...

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