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Climbing/trailing strawberries


I have experimented over the last couple of years with maximising growing space/minimising water wastage in my garden and this year have put up some extra hanging baskets to grow F1 tumbling toms in rather than the usual gro bag toms. I have some guttering growers attached to railings which I have successfully grown cut and come again salad and herbs etc in but now am looking to utilise for other things. I think it would be nicely out of the way from slugs etc to grow something like the Mount Everest climbing/trailing strawberry in but not sure if there will be adequate space/soil for them. We love our own strawberries and although willing to experiment don't want to risk getting none from this method and wondered if any one else had been "daft" enough to try this previously and if so what results they achieved!!


  • I believe at one time commercial growers used guttering for strawberries ..........providing it is deep enough, I see no reason why it wouldn't be successful............depends which you grow I imagine and you would replace every year to get the best fruit.

    Only downside I can see is watering if they are high up.

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