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Are there any good snails?

Had a random thought yesterday and haven't yet worked out the answer. I know some slugs are useful in the garden because they eat other slugs, or only eat rotting vegetation etc. But I was wondering are there any helpful snails out there? or do they all munch away at the lovely fresh seedlings?

Does anyone know?


  • Yes, I know they are useful to the birds and also many beetles so an important part of the food chain. Don't worry I don't use any chemicals and I tend to let the snails/slugs have there little munch here and there or move them if they are about to totally annihilate something. I want to create a balance, I was just interested into the diet I guess of the snails and their habits? 

  • That's ok I probably should have phrased the question better. My boyfriend laughs because I get really excited when I find a new critter in the garden, he gets dragged around as I show him each one..image It's amazing what a tiny garden can attract.

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