I have germinated about 30 alstroemeria hybrids from seed which are now about 2" tall and would like to know what compost to use to plant them in containers also how many to a 300 mm pot, as it took 3 weeks in the propagator then 2 weeks in the fridge then another 2 weeks back in the propagator for them to start to germinate I don't want to ruin them when planting hope someone can help

thanks maverick 2 image


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Alstroemeria like a moist but free draining soil, so some MPC mixed with some grit would be the ideal medium for them.

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    I cheated and bought a plant; it has been in the g/h for about a year and scarcely a week goes by when it does not provide flowers for the house. In a vase they last for about 2 weeks; what an amazing plant! I planted mine in a 10 inch (300 mm) pot in compost with sharp sand.image The variety I have is Rhubarb and Custard.image

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    Can you tell me if they're poisonous to cats please? I've bought some plants not realising they're from lily family x thanks


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    Hi Flora rosa image

      Members of the liliaceae family are so dangerous for cats because they can brush against them and get their pollen on their coats, then lick it off - the pollen is very toxic.

     However this is not the same with alstroemeria.   Although alstroemeria are called Day Lilies, they're not from the Liliaceae family and are not harmful to cats unless the cat eats a large amount of them. 


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  • Flora rosaFlora rosa Posts: 258

    Oh thanks, because they're such beautiful flowers I didn't really think on ! Read the link and am happy image

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