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Trailing begonias in hanging baskets

pandora99pandora99 Posts: 10

Hi, hope someone can help me out here.

This year I've decided to plant only trailing begonias in my 16" hanging baskets, but don't know how many to plant in each one, or whether to plant them just around the edge and leave the middle clear, or if I need one in the middle too? image

I bought these lovely plants from my local nursery but didn't think to ask their advice at the time.

I know I'll get lots of good advice from begonia specialists on here - its the only place to go!!!!



  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    I would say 4 should be enough, maybe 5 at a push

  • pandora99pandora99 Posts: 10

    Thanks Mattbeer87.  What about the centre - is one required there, or not?  

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    I would have thought not as the leaves from the others should cover this area of the basket image

  • lydiaannlydiaann Posts: 298

    I'd use 2 maximum and add other plants to create more interest, some more trailing (bacopa for example) and some upright...but then that's just my choice!!

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    The Begonias would probably suffocate smaller plants such as Bacopa. I had Begonias on their own last year and they looked fantastic



  • pandora99pandora99 Posts: 10

    Thanks Lydiaann - I usually do lots of different plants in the baskets but thought I'd do something different this year.

    Well, they're planted up now and sitting on black buckets in the greenhouse to let them get going for a few weeks.  Going on holiday on Saturday for 2 weeks so hopefully my neighbour keeps his word and waters them!  They'll probably look like Triffids when I get back - you know how everything seems to grow 3 times larger when you go away..........  even weeds. image

    Will post some pics once they start flowering.


  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    Talking about trailing begonias, Morrisons has got some very healthy looking plants which are ready to plant up. They are of various colours and @£2/= for 4 are good value.

    Bye the way, Tesco is selling    "Bizzie Lizzy" plugs @ £3/= for 20. I think it is good value. My concern is that they had a virus a couple of years ago. Are they ok to grow now?  Are they disease free? I hope someone can enlighten us image 

  • Simon KnottSimon Knott Posts: 115

    Begonias trailing - I would try 3 or 4 and put a non-trailing one in the middle! Jatnikapyer - I would give the bizzy lizzys a try as they make a great display. However, mine were totally wiped out last year, I think because of the virus.

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Tescos and their busy lizzies again. I suggest avoiding them like the plague, Tesco are just trying to make a quick buck.

    Begonias however are wonderful and I will have a few dotted around the patio this year too image

  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    Thank you Matt, but why are they allowed?image

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