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Hey there

This is probably one thats already been posted but does anyone have advise on Slugs? I don't want to use pellets and have got stuff to set beer traps.. Do eggshells work? Or whats the best you can advise - NO CHEMICALS and child friendly please...Thanks guys XXX



  • EdentoyEdentoy Posts: 61

    Try some sand around your borders/ beds , but it is a constant battleimage good luck.

  • blueberry77blueberry77 Posts: 80

    Wool or felted matting. Slugs don't like crawling over the wooly barbs.

  • mumbristermumbrister Posts: 12

    I have been told cucumber slices placed in a pie tin or something similair will keep slugs away all season. Apparently the chemicals in the cucumber and aluminium give off a smell they hate. Am going to try it myself.

  • ladygardener2ladygardener2 Posts: 371

    I use egg shells but you need to have a good mulch of them around your plants. I wait until the shells have completly dried out and then crunch them all up into smallish bits. I also use coffee grounds but it goes a bit mouldy so it has to be mixed in a bit with the soil after a while.

    It's an ongoing battle, good luck.

  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

    Never had luck with egg shells, don't use coffee grinds, and grit or sand alone never worked. I mix up a 50 : 50 with very fine grit and garlic granules. then to add extra oomph, I unravel a copper scourer and place in a circle around the plants. Works a treat for me. Not had a hosta or cabbage / lettuce chomped since.

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    I like the copper scourer idea. I've found the copper tape round pots to be very effective, but it is very expensive. I do use the wildlife friendly pellets sparingly but as another poster said, it's a constant battle. Some people go out at night with a torch and despatch them on sight.
  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

    i must admit if I find the odd one in the garden near the road, I throw them over the hedge for them to hitch their own lift. But otherwise, I tend to leave them to the duck community I have, that seeks out the thugs and enjoys every morsel.

  • Sam43Sam43 Posts: 2


    Never expected so many responses - will have a go at all the ideas and see what works best - THANKYOU SOO much for your help - cheers guys image XXX

  • I put compost around my plants which is mainly made of shavings from the rabbit hutch and the slugs don't seem to like it image

  • Katie BlueKatie Blue Posts: 13

    I've just been out with a torch and gathered up about 20 in under 5 minutes. these have goen in the borwn compost bin that the council take away every fortnight as I can't bear to squish them. Wouldn't touch slug pellets. Egg shells have never worked for me, I find you need to wash them first or teh eggy bits attract slugs!! I have just put out a beer trap as well. This always works but I wonder if that too attracts more slugs.

    My mum has "slug stomping shoes" for the garden, She's not squeamish about it!!

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