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Camomile lawn

Hi, I am redesigning my garden, more plants n beds than grass, so what wee bit grass is staying in the design I want to change to camomile.   BUT, I'm getting different information on my chosen type, 'treneague'. Doesn't flower, does flower, no care some care, evergreen, not evergreen seeds for sale,can't grow from seed..... Please help someone....can we find some kind of agreement, some of the info was from the RHS and some from a very well known and established camomile lawn company, that only deal in camomile!!!!! 


  • Hi highlandrose, I have treneague not as a lawn, but in the cracks in my concrete path. I planted it last year and it didn't need any maintenance other than watering when planting. However it has spread quite quickly so you may need to maintain the edges of the "lawn"

    I was pretty certain this one didn't flower, mine hasn't. Mine has stayed evergreen all winter, but I live in the south maybe that would make a difference?

    I bought 3 small plants and divided them into small plants and it worked really well, I don't know about growing from seed, but maybe someone else will know.

    The only problem I found is in early spring, the slugs like to have a nibble, which I was surprised by, but they gave up once they got growing well. It does smell amazing when you walk on it and after heavy rain image



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,431

    Theoretically it doesn't flower, maybe it never flowers and those that do aren't really Treneague

    Nothing is no care

    it's evergreen

    If it doesn't flower it won't produce seed so you won't get seeds to sow.

    It's not much of a weed suppressant, especially early on

    Not much good for anything except the lightest trafic

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Thanks all. Very helpful, at least you all agree with each other!!! (_image also surprised about the slug thing?!

  • It might just be my slugs, they seem to eat everything, even things they are supposed to not like.

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