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Talkback: Self-seeding plants

Hi Kate,One side of my garden is blue forget me nots the other white honesty showing through all the other self sown grasses aquilegias fox gloves and weeds of all kind,every thing is growing well with all this drought that has been falling from the sky,



  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
    Kate of the vivid imagination!!! A forest in your garden will mean no building to live in as it will have subsidence. But you are right about self-seeding , They know best where to grow , I saw one of plantsthe most beautiful sights I have ever seen in the Canadian Rockies where an electrical storm had felled all the conifers and created a clearing. One of the first colonisers was the yellow potentilla shrub and I came across it when they were in flower - spectacular against the dark green firs. Wish me luck for my first Open Day tomorrow. The weather has decided to be kind to me and my self-seeded aquilegias are a picture.
  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
    PS I've just cut my long grass with the kitchen scissors and found masses of alpine strawberries covered in flowers.
  • ChromebabyChromebaby Posts: 11
    While weeding and spreading manure under my Fatsia Japonica in early March I found two young red-stemmed Dogwoods! I left the larger one where it was and moved the smaller one nearer to it.

    I can only think that bird poo is the likeliest delivery system.
  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
    Hello Kate,I have just had Mrs Oldchippy giving me an ear bashing about the front of the house,We have a traffic island on the other side of our road Triangular about 300 feet by 80 feet it has 8 trees growing on it and the council haven't cut the grass for some time now so it is covered with wild flowers,The goldfinches have been having the time of there live's eating the dandelion seed,there must be a lot of other wild life living in there as it has attracted a lot of bird activity.

  • Kate BradburyKate Bradbury Posts: 160
    Hi everyone, thanks for your comments.

    @oldchippy forget me nots, aquilegias and foxgloves are some of my favourite flowers. Aquilegias will sadly not grow in my garden for some reason. And nevermind Mrs oldchippy, as long as the goldfinches are happy!

    @happymarion I didn't mean in a regular garden! If I ever get a nice piece of land, I could just leave it and sit and watch it grow. Glad you found lots of alpine strawberries. Are you going to make use of them?

    @Chromebaby lovely to find new plants, isn't it? I was donated five young ivy plants by our local blackbird. I transplanted them and they're now starting to get established.

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386
    aquilegias,verbascum,geraniums,scabious all self seed in my garden all plants i adore. euphorbia also self seed and although i adore them too i will cut them back this year apart from the variety fireglow which is amazing and after 7 years has now seeded
  • Hi Kate,Today I cut my daugther grass and weeded some of her garden as she is away in South Africa on holiday, If you want a forest she had one growing in her garden, year old plants growing every where lots of holly and ash trees under her cedar tree,As it's going to rain over the next couple of days I thought I had better get round quick before they take over her garden.


  • I actually prefer it if plants self seed. My youngest son is always in the garden at the moment checking seed heads and I admit that I collect seeds when we are out and about, collected some globe thistle today!

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