pale yellow leaves on climbing rose

centuricenturi Posts: 37

All the leaves on my very old climbing rose are all very pale yellow in colour and and much smaller than usual.This happened last year on a couple of new shoots and didn't survive last winter.What should I spray it with as I'm worried that the whole thing will end up dying .There is no mildiew or other desease but just little pale sick looking leaves


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Have you fed your rose ever? How old is the rose, it sounds weak and tired. Spraying will do no good if your rose is starving.

  • centuricenturi Posts: 37

    climbing rose must be about 35 years old and given to me buy my father when I moved into my house.I feed all my roses with my own compost ( all my other roses look fantastic) maybe its just too old    pity as it used to be beautiful .Its a New Dawn or something similar

  • Edd wrote (see)

    Yes its just too old unfortunately (nothing more than 15 year) You will hav eto replace but remember to remove all the soil and replace with new.




    That used to be the thinking, Edd..but It has now been proven that roses treated with mycorrhizal fungi thrive in soil where roses used to be.

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