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Autumn Colour



  • I found your posting in the gallery David, things get "lost" when there are a lot of different postings and slip down the pages. The trees look lovely, I like this time of year for colour, it's just a bit sad that it will soon be winter, but then every season brings something different to enjoy.

    Gary - Some things are really turning now and others are still quite green, must be all the rain we've had. Lets hope we get the Indian Summer they keep talking about,and then perhaps it will postpone the inevitable.image Lovely pics. everyone, thanks for sharing


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  • As far as autumn tints go, perhaps this Silver birch is't very spectacular, but it's mine & grows at the bottom of my garden.


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Who told you thst isn't spectacular? They fibbed!!

  • Hollie-Hock --You can grow Acers straight into the ground. I grew mine in a pot as some of my garden is prone to the east winds we get in Lincolnshire, so I wanted to give it some protection, and also you can move it about , if you've got the strength, to find just the right spot. Mine has taken about 12/15 years to reach this size, I can't remember just how long I've had it. I has been outside in all the bad winters and has come through them fine.

    Lovely pictures as always David.image


  • Thank you, LtG.....the latter was taken at nearby Shugborough Hall (ancestral home of the late Lord Lichfield) here in Staffordshire.

    Another taken at the same time:



  • I've been to Shugborough Hall, lovely place to visit.


  • lovetogarden wrote (see)

    I've been to Shugborough Hall, lovely place to visit.



    Glad you enjoyed your visit, Chris...although it's only a couple of miles from me, I rarely visit.

    I thought I had a pic taken with deer in the foreground, but it escapes me at the mo.

    I'm visiting the Forrest of Dean on Nov 7th specifically to see the autumn tints, so maybe I'll have more to contribute.

  • I love the acers, mine is turning a very dark pinky red. So beautiful. Think i might get another one next year. Enjoy the forest of dean David

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