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Budget patio ideas?

Hi there, We have got an area of patio ( around 20 Sqm ) which consists of cracked concrete and gravel that my one year is currently trying to eat!! We want to get a patio laid but quotes are coming in around ??1500-2000! Just wondering if anyone has any tips or trade secrets that we could use to keep the cost low? We thought about decking but are worried about the upkeep and also the slipperyness! Any ideas would be greatfully received xxx


  • ninnin Posts: 216

    I have a similar cracked patio, a few bits with bricks concreted in at a different height etc. I got some old scaffold boards and built two raised beds on it one just outside the door for herbs and one for salad so now only the even bits show. I did all the herbs from seed so only a couple of quid, scaffold boards were free, and with some cheap nice coloured garden paint to paint the boards its lovely and looks quite expensive. Got used decking boards later from freecycle and did the same at the side of the house for free.

  • kjdintownkjdintown Posts: 42

    Nin, would you have any pictures you could share - it sounds lovely.

  • That sounds lovely. I've got some big pots but primarily I need something that my two young sons can walk/crawl on. This gravel is problematic!
  • ninnin Posts: 216

    I have some somewhere of last summer pre painting and it has really helped cover uneven concrete.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Justine; are you any good at applying concrete? I saw something in the West Indies that might work and be cheap-ish. Use a jack hammer to break up the current surface to use as hardcore. Pour on cement, preferably tinted to look like york stone/sandstone/whatever. When it is starting to set, using a suitable tool (of your own devising) scribe into the concrete to emulate the dips between real stone.image

  • What a good idea!!! I can't say I've ever poured concrete in my life! We were worried the concrete might crack up but it's definitely sonething we will look into! Thanks for the tip!
  • Presumably a substantial part of the quotes is for breaking up and removing the existing mess. Do you know how the quotes are itemised?

  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    One of my neighbours did something similar to what Artjak has described. he comes from the WI and with his son and a pick axe broke the patio up and leveled it. He then ordered delivery of premixed concrete which they spread out and finally leveled it with a plank.It was set in two days and looks pretty good. It did not cost him except for the concrete. He did not even do any dips or pattern on it. By the way, he said that with the measurements he gave them, the concrete guys worked out the amount he needed.

    If you fancy "slabs" the cheapest are concrete slabs that councils use on walkways in shopping centres.They last and do not grow algae.

  • Thankyou /jatnikapyar,

    I will certainly bare that in mind! We do intend to do the patio properly maybe next year. Ideally I would like those black limestone tiles or slate but I know these are expensive! I'm just racking my brains to think of something easy and really cheap to make it look nice and clear just for a year until we can afford to have it done properly.
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