Malicious Weedkiller damage to clematis

my lovely old montana clematis has been sprayed with weedkiller by our nasty neighbour, thrown from her bedroom window, , the clematis is supported by a flowering current and forms a bit of privacy ,only just noticed it, but obviously was done a couple of weeks ago, you can see the line it has taken and also a dead patch of grass, will we lose it or can we do anything to save it, it is 10 yrs old. 



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 43,664

    Oh dear - is it worth seeking legal advice or will that just make matters worse? 

    As for the damage, it depends a great deal on the weedkiller used. If it was a systemic one and it was applied a fortnight ago it's likely to have spread to the roots by now.

    Can you post a picture on here of the damage and the whole clematis and we'll see if anyone comes up with any ideas.  


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    It's criminal damage and therefore  a police matter but unfortunately these sorts of situations can escalate if they get involved so it depends on how well you know the neighbour and how they might react to a 'visit'.

    I'd certainly follow Verdun's advice - cutting back etc and see what happens but it doesn't sound too good. They're pretty tough though, and if it's that age it might just recover with a bit of nurturing.

    Why are people so horrible?

  • BaywoodBaywood Posts: 18

    we have had ongoing issues with these rubbish people for a long time.

    i have photos, but i dont want to put them on here because obviously we cannot prove that she did it , and the photos show her house and dont want any come back. this has been done before , about 3 years ago, but i saw her spray it with roundup, but we managed to cut it back and save it, but as we didnt see this happen, just wondereing if there is any chance of saving the clematis. I have cut it back as best i can, but it was just coming into flowerimage 

  • BaywoodBaywood Posts: 18

    We aleeady have cctv but we will be readjusting their position, but have to be a bit careful not to be seen looking at their property. Yes, they are scum, dragged up rubbish.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,728

    Baywood - do these people rent - privately or otherwise? If so it would be worth seeking out the landlord and informing him/her. If not, how about getting one of those fake cctv cameras and wait till you know they're in and can see you fitting it? Might be enough to deter them from any more criminal damage - perhaps image

  • BaywoodBaywood Posts: 18

    No, they dont rent, unfortunately, this is long standing, explored all avenues, and not just garden damage lots of other things gone on, but cctv will be the answer i think, fake or otherwiseimage

  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    Baywood, do you think this was done as a random malicious act, or do you think that the plant has implications for your neighbour's garden?  For instance, we didn't realise that fronds from our enormous climbing rose were leaning over and tapping on our neighbour's conservatory kitchen roof, and so they asked us to cut them, in fact offered to come round and do it, but my OH did it at once - all very amicable.  A clematis montana is a prodigious grower, can weigh down a fence, or reach into a neighbouring garden.  Does your neighbour hate that plant, or does she hate you?  ie would she just as likely have poisoned your cat or slashed your tyres?  Has she ever asked you to take the plant in hand?  Does it shade her patio?  Or attract insects she doesn't like? 

    I am not saying that her action is in any way justifiable, but if you do manage to save your plant, and I hope you do, and if you decide that escalating the conflict with legal/police involvement will only make things worse, maybe you could take avoiding action by making sure it is controlled on her side, or maybe asking her why she hates it so much, and if it is an issue of privacy, maybe think about other types of border marker, like a fence behind the plant. 

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,728

    You have my sincere sympathy Baywood. This kind of thing seems to be escalating and the big issue comes when you want to move - you have to inform potential new owners if there's any trouble with neighbours or there are legal implications. If we could guarantee that police getting involved would resolve things then decent people would be able to use that route but unfortunately the law seems to have no teeth. I hope the camera works  for you - perhaps a real one  would be the best idea.

    Let us know how you get on anyway with the clematis. 

  • BaywoodBaywood Posts: 18

    The clematis is growing up a wall at the front of our house, it does not affect them at all, does not affect light etc, and it is clipped at least 3 times a year to ensure it does not encroach on their property, it is us she hates, not the clematis, . As far as moving, that will be more of a problem to them than us, and as police have already been involved before due to other incidents, one more wont make that much difference. 

    i just wanted some advice to see if there was any way of saving my lovely clematis from dying, it was a present from my mum in law . We live in a very sad world.

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