Botrytis on my lilies

Hello all

I think my lilies are suffering from botrytis.  Having looked at some pictures, it appears pretty similar.  I had thought it was rust due to the colour of the spots but apparently rust is one thing lilies aren't generally bothered by.

Can I save my lilies or should I just get rid?  I do have lilies in another part of the garden that don't seem to be affected and I don't want it to spread. The affected lilies are in a large container - do I need to get rid of all the compost?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!



  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    It sounds like they may have got too wet, possibly in the recent heavy rains. Does your container have good drainage?

    The bad news is that it can spread to other plants, so if it is what you think I would be inclined to get rid of the lilies and the compost. Next year, try and keep the planter dryer, if necessary covering it during periods of heavy rain.

  • The container they're in is a half barrel which, on consideration, is probably designed NOT to have good drainage!  I'm sure i remember putting crocks in the bottom but it was a long time ago so I may be wrong.  The whole thing is probably well overdue a good clean out anyway. 

    And if I am starting from scratch, it means I get to go shopping at the garden centre...

  • I have gravel at the bottom of my long pot with perl lite and gravel on top. I've had these oriental Lilly's 4 years. Only problem I have is those damn red Beatles which I use a garlic water based spray which seems to keep them at bay, for now first year I've used it as I lot a lot last year, any other ideas on getting rid of them, Annie
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