Superb Clematis

?? Any remarks or questions?  We have some stunning clematis at present.


  • Lucy3Lucy3 Posts: 92

    I am wanting clematis for pots -  great section on this site but no time to wade through all the different varieties to find what I need..........posted a message on this sction to see if anyone can help me  image

  • Sorry about my post! I wanted to download some pics of Clematis but this site didn't accept the file type. I would certainly recommend Clematis Lord Herschell for pot culture, it has beautiful velvety flowers which are produced when just 12" tall. Clematis Arabella is another good one for pots. It flowers prolifically and has really healthy foliage. I also have a plant of Clematis Thorpe Cloud, this has hairy leaves, flowers when small and white flowers.

  • Lucy3Lucy3 Posts: 92

    Thankyou Cactusflower57 - will certainly be on the lookout for these. when are the flowering times for the ones you've suggested?

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    Reply to cactusflower57: I'm sorry you've had trouble uploading images. Are the images you're attempting to upload jpeg / jpg files? If not, then save them into this format, and keep within the 1Mb file size limit, and you should be able to upload. If you have any further difficulties, just let me know, and I'll do my best to help.


  • Hello Lucy3

    Both Lord Herschell and Arabella will flower continously from late May through till first frost. Arabella will produce seedheads, which I take off as I think it encourages further flowers. Unfortunately, I think you will not be able to find Clematis Thorpe Cloud for sale in the UK as it was given to me by the breeder.

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