help with azalea

any thoughts why our azalea is not showing any buds? we have had it 2 years and has not budded once. it is in a east facing border and although the border is clay it was planted in ericaceous soil and is fed and top dressed twice a year.

we treat it the same as the rhoddie, at that has a mass of buds.

it was in flower when we bought it. the labels on them say May flowering, just feel its leaving it late to show flowers


  • can someone help pleaseimage

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 43,727

    Hi, I think we're the only ones up at the moment Mark image 

    I don't grow ericaceous plants in this garden, although I've grown a few in the past, but my first thought is, have you done a ph test of your soil?  

    Although you say you've planted the azalea in ericaceous soil, if the soil surrounding it is alkaline and contains chalk the alkalinity will leach into the ericaceous soil which will not suit the azalea.  I would grow it in a large container and be sure to water only with rainwater.  

    In my experience some rhododendrons are more tolerant of a degree of alkalinity. 

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    Hi Mark,  my Azalea hasn't flowered for maybe 2-3 years, neither has my Rhododendron (Despite getting flower buds). Since being on here I learnt that they like acidic soil.  Also I had never fed any of my plants before coming on here.  This year I bought a special acidic plant feed and my Azalea has little pink buds which are slowly opening, I'm so pleased.

    All I've done is the above, feed and also added tea from used tea bags to the soil at the bottom, as that is slightly acidic too image 

    I hope this helps.

  • thanks all, I'll take on board your comments

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