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Hello, I've 3 blueberry bushes all have been treated in the same way, all 3 in pots in the same part of the garden. None of them have been pruned, and all 3 in the correct compost and watered with rain water not tap water. They are all the same variety, 1 is awash with flowers and the promise of some big juicy berries again this year, but the other 2 are in leaf but showing no signs of fruit. Any suggestions. I only got them last year so not sure if it's normal or not. Thanks in advance.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 8,922

    They do need a year or three to settle in and start cropping well.  In the first year or two you want to encourage them to grow new strong stems, preferably from the base (snip off any weak, spindly growth.)  Feed them with a proprietary ericaceous liquid feed every few weeks and you should be fine next year.  If you can get any ericaceous bark chippings or similar mulch, they do appreciate a layer of that on top of the compost as they have lots of roots near the surface and this helps to protect them from drying out.image

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  • Mine didn't start fruiting till the 3rd year. Otherwise ditto what Bob says, especially as they're in pots. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy

  • Brilliant, thanks for you're help, I'll enjoy and be greatful for the loaded bush, and look forward to the other 2 catching up! image
  • Do you know the verity and even if it best to keep your verity in pots? Some grow into very large bushes and need a big root system and plenty of room 4ft or more. How big are your pots and what verity do you have? The first thing you need to do is slip them out the pot and if the roots are all around the pot in a big clump its probably staving and needs more room and nutrient rich soil. Your plant if that's the problem acts like a sponge and soaks up all the nutrients with the water and you can add more water but each time the sponge soaks up the water the nutrients get diluted. If that your problem you need more soil packed with nutrients so you need a bigger pot and you need to feed more up to every two weeks with the right stuff and in the right quantity . Just because one is doing better than the other does not mean there is not a problem with all three as one plant may be more hardy and able to take the punishment or it may be that the plant is getting more nutrients or less water running through the pot washing out nutrients so it is able to hang on that bit longer without showing signs of distress. Also how old are your blueberry's? 

  • Hi Christopher, I only got them last year from the local nursery, all 3 fruited, but I'm not sure of the age, they're approx 60 to 70 cm high. Pots are round 1 mtr diameter. I've topped up the soil and they get a feed reg, I'm guessing from what I've read one is older than the other 2, they're showing no signs of disease or stress and the roots are ok at the moment and they are leafing up ok, just no flowers on 2 of them, I'm obviously just impatient! Lol
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