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Hi all, just wondered if anybody could advise on how to get my lawn to look Green and lush. At the moment its patchy , few weeds and some moss in there too. Any products you swear by ? And any advice for upkeep too? Its only a small patch of grass but is the centre of the Garden . Thanks image



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    Assuming that the weeds and moss patches are few, I would start by applying lawn feed to revitalize the grass; in 4-6 weeks you can apply a  lawn weed and feed to treat problem areas. In the meantime. mow regularly and not too low; the food alone should make a big difference.

  • You should prepair your lawn in April, start raking your lawn ,spiking, spread some seed, then depending how big your lawn is, spread a few bags potting compost over your lawn and brush it in,it will look like bomb as been dropped on it but after bit of watering it wiil brill

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    Edenrose, Firstly make it look worse by rolling your sleeves up and giving it a good raking, the grass tends to grow into the thatch of old grass and moss on top so it has to come off, this can go in your compost. Now get a fork and stick it into the lawn about four inches, ram the fork down waggle it a bit and move on a foot apart will do for now. Mix some washed sand with fine compost and scatter on the lawn then with a good hard brush sweep it across the lawn thinly it will fill the holes made with the fork thus aerating the roots. If it rains well and good if not water it, as above it will look like a bomb site but in a couple of weeks be green again then add a feed leave until October and put down a slow release feed and weed, leave over winter, next spring when the grass starts to grow you could do it all again or just add feed and weed, keep the mower blades up a bit, a normal uneven lawn is easily scalped and that is not good.

    Hope this helps, Frank.

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    I think since this thread was started over two years ago, the original poster has probably sorted her grass by now! image

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  • Maybe but I appreciated the advice today, thanx

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    See Fairygirl/Daughter, these posts can be of general help but well spotted how did it suddenly arrive?

    May go missing as I have an op in a couple of weeks, do not worry I will be back.


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    Frank/Dad - it's because someone posted on it in the morning so it got bumped up on the  first page of threads. image

    Hope all goes well with your op. Will be thinking of you. Take care of yourself xxx   image

    WM - I know this type of situation meant you got useful info, but if you need help  with your grass - or anything else - start a thread and you'll get loads of answers and advice. There's always lots of grass queries, so if you don't want to start a new thread, you can also use the search facility at the top of the page (type in 'grass problems' or 'lawns' or something similar) and that will bring up previous discussions on the subject. Hope that's of some help image

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    That link doesn't work image

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  • I tried so many weed killers, in the end I dug them up by hand. It took long, but they haven't come back. I still have some to do, I was doing twenty or so at a time when I felt like it.

    I've been using grass seed for the patches. It only takes a couple weeks for the grass to come up. I sprinkled a thin layer of compost on the top and it worked a treat.

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