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Should my toad lily be showing signs of life?

LilAmbarLilAmbar Posts: 43

I bought a toad lily from Crocus last year - it wasn't overly healthy when it arrived but picked up and gave a fab display at the back end of the summer.  It hasn't shown any signs of life this year.  Am I being impatient or do you think I've lost it over the winter?


  • mollismollis Posts: 151

    I bought an established plant last year, very pot bound so split it - both pots are now showing good growth - I am in the South East and we had a very mild winter - they can be very late to show, so don't give up hope yet... If in a pot, tip out and look at the roots, if in the ground, just wait and see. Good luck.

  • heron bheron b Posts: 6

    Hi I just noticed today that my toad lily is starting to show some growth, a good spread from last year. Keep your fingers crossed and it should pop up soon.

  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    Toad lilies are easy to grow as long as they get good light. Mine are shooting up now. They need protection from slugs as they love them. The plants are are late summer bloomers and will last till the first frosts.

  • LilAmbarLilAmbar Posts: 43

    Thank you.  It's in what should be a perfect position in the ground so will keep my fingers crossed.  It gave us such a good display last year that I would be very disappointed if it didn't reappear.  I can always call on the guarantee on the plant I guess.

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