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I am looking at GH's and up to now the best value for money due to a lot of things being included as standard appears to be a Rhino. I need one that is sturdy as the site is exposed. I have read reviews and the only negatives I've found have been the assembly instructions.

Any opinions valued. Thanks image



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    I had a Rhino at my previous house, they are very strong , certainly the best I have seen, I put mine up on my own , only help I had was with the ridge.

    The instructions were OK but not fantastic but I believe they offer phone or online support if you have any problems.

    Pricey but I believe you get what you pay for.

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    Thank you Mark image

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,510

    Yes, mine is very good indeed. Well up to OH clambering about on the roof to attach the shade netting.

    OH laid a 6" wide concrete foundation on the site and bolted it to that. It can be a bit windy here. 


    I got it from here to our spec, number of louvres, top vents etc and no step in the doorway including the partition doorway so a barrow can be taken right in.

    Satisfied customer here, no relation and not employedimage 

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    Thanks Fidget, I've been looking at that website. Did you have any prob's with bead system of fitting glass?

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,510

    Is that meimage

    It went well, but one or two pieces have had to be pushed back in since. It's possible we didn't locate them properly in the first place. It's very much better than the bits of bent wire that held things together in the last GH. They are made to fit the glass provided. We broke a pane with a stone from the lawnmower and replaced it with something plastic which wobbles about but has stayed put through all the gales  in spite of that

  • They are just brilliant. OH put it together slow;y but surely. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Even tell you when you deserve a cup of tea. They are made near us in Norfolk so it was easy to go and collect the extra roof blinds we didn,t think we would need first off. We got shelving, 2 automatic vents, staging and 2 louvers all in the price. We had the no step entrance and pull down roof blinds as extras. The blinds work well as they are on the outside and keep the greenhouse shady and the glass does not get hot. The full panels are heavy and I worked as Navvy to help but they look so much better and are easier to clean than lots of panels with clips. We also bought a little Bistro set and sit in for coffee on cooler gardening days.
     The only problem I have is that now I can while away many an hour pottering, but isn't that what they are for, apart from the toms, cues, beans, chillies etc etc.

    Happy Rhino Greenhousing.

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    Nut I am so sorry, got Fidget on the brain as I had been checking Brugmansia she gave me. imageimage Ta for info about bead systemimage

    Thank you greenfingers for your re-assurance and info'. image I love having a drink in the GH during cold winter days, if there is room for me image 

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    I've been to the factory as well. We bought the unpainted version but painted it British Racing Green with motorcycle paint. Of course we'd been supplied with seals to match the aluminium, we went to fetch the green ones.

    I don't mind being called fidget, it's not an insultimage

    Ours is 20' by 8' and somewhat under-used in summer but plenty of room for a garden bench and over-wintering plants in the cold season. Lovely for coffee time on sunny winter days. 


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    Thanks again Nut, I did want a 8x10 but where it is going would intrude too much into garden and on the eye. (I have an old  8x10  which is out of view). This one is to replace a smaller wooden "pleasing" on the eye one. Don't know the term but wider at the bottom, leans in and is tall.

    I will have to get 6x8 in green, which gives me extra footage & in time replace other older one with something bigger.

    I'm sad at the demise of my "nice one" it has served me well and has lasted 20yrs without pressure treating..and has been re-located and lived behind a shed for 18months, without any breakageimage 

    I will resist from posting a picture of a GH on death row image

  • Having recently moved to Stotfold, I have part glazed a garden shed at the request of The Head Gardener, but she has now decided a greenhouse was always the preferred option anyway. research has led me to this topic, and there seem to be more varieties of greenhouse than you can point a stick at, are there any to avoid? Are there any recommended? Are Rhinos as good as suggested? Will Man U ever recover their attacking instincts? Any advice welcome!

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