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I have a border 11m x 3m. I would like to plant a row of 3 blossom trees - magnolia or crab apple possibly, or any other you can suggest ?

I would like like prolific flowering, low growing ( 2 - 3m max ), approx 2m spread with a nice leaf.  Can I plant in May - June ?

Many thanks.                        


  • Lion SLion S Posts: 263

    Hi Steven,

    I'm sorry to disappoint you but the trees you mention will be growing higher than 2-3 m. In your case I would recommend planting some shrubs that do reach that size. Some of my personal favourites would be: Amelanchier lamarckii, Halesia carolina, Cornus alternifolia 'Pagoda', Cornus kousa, Nandina domestica, Hibiscus syriacus, Syringa, Philadelphus, Magnolia stellata but have a look around, there are so many beautiful shrubs to choose from.  

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the advice. I'll take a look at those you mentioned.

    If anyone else could make any suggestions I'd be grateful. I suppose 4m could be the max height but no more than that. I'd like them to be low maintenance if possible.

    Thanks again 'Flowerchild'.  I'll be in touch after I've taken a look on the web at those shrubs. Do you know of any good websites ? apart from this one I mean. 

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    I should have thought you'd be OK with magnolia providing you are willing to give it a very brutal prune every other year. We inheirited one in the middle of our patio and I keep it at around 4m high, but it has a 6m spread and looks fantastic in flower. Very fast growing though - you need to commit to the pruning.

    You might like to consider a cherry tree on a dwarf rootstock - these are supposed to reach only 10ft. Again they are fast growing. DO NOT get one without the dwarfing rootstock as they grow to 10m!

    Possibly your best alternative is to go for Acers if you have acidic soil. No blossom, but fantastic leaf colour and shape, slow growing and not too large.

  • Hi,

    Many thanks.

    I do like magnolia. I'll check out magnolia stellata and the others 'flowerchild' suggested together with dwarf cherry and acers as you recommend.

    Keep the suggestions rolling in !!

    Again many thanks.

  • I am planning a similar border of trees to line a formal lawn. As most trees grow much larger than 3m X 2m, I have decided that the acers may be the best option on my acid soil as they have so much colour intrest all year round. You could go for any fruiting tree on dwarf root stock and the blossom is great for 2-3 weeks. But I'm tempted by the prehistoric 'stag's horn sumach' for it's fantastic autumn colour and unusual flowers/fruit. Best of luck!
  • lilweadlilwead Posts: 33

    Watch out for suckering on sumach, they can be a bit of a beggar for it !  Take a look at the wiki link for it:

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    Hi there, I'm in the process of creating an 'acid' border and would also recommend Acers - having now planted over 18 in the border - they look absolutely fantastic. One favourite is A.P. Aureum - red stems in the autumn folllowed by Golden/Green foliage in the Spring/summer, another favourite A.P. Shin Doshojo - scarlet red stems and foliage. Most acers grow from 6ft to around 20ft but you can keep them to a desired height once they are established.  The Aureum has grown from 1ft to nearly 6ft in 3 years. Some are slow growing so its best to let them grow and allow them to take their natural shape. They can also be expensive to buy, so shop around. To compliment the acers I've planted Rhododendrons and Azaleas - all acid loving plants with low maintenance with acers providing year round colour and interest. Tall Rhodos are also a favourite.  For more inspiration take a look at the Fourseasonsgarden on the web. The colours are amazing. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted on progress.

  • Thank you all for the info - excellent advice.

    Make my mind up over the weekend.

    Any suggestions for best companies to order from ?

  • Dahlia13Dahlia13 Posts: 6

    Hi Stephen,

    For Acers, check out e-bay, Morrisons and J. Parker (

    Also check out Millais Nursery for Rhododendrons, Azaleas, they also stock a few varieties of Acers

    I would source plants on e-bay as a first port of call.

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    There is a cherry blossom tree variety which grows in a vase shape and is easily kept at 6ft(2mtrs) with annually pruning off, of the top branches but the spread at the top is less than a couple of ft which may not be as wide a spread as you want. Mine has just finished blooming 2-3 weeks and has leaves from the ground.  

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    My husband bought aCanadian Apricot off the internet. It devloped the yuck orange resin juice coming out of it and died in less than 6 months.Now I find our beautiful well established 5 year old Almond tree we had has also now got the dreaded resin pouring out 18 months after chopping thr other down. It was on a nearby, but not touching area . So PLEASE be very careful where you get your plants. The RHS may charge more, but any problems and they will replace or refund up to 2 years after buying. I got my money back with a holly that just didn't take and died on me, no problem. But the rest of their plants are`healthy as anything.

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    Just been to Malvern. I wish I could grow acers as there are so many beautiful types available, but none for alkaline soil image.

    Pots just aren't the same.

    Having said that I don't think there's better blossom than Cherry blossom and my dwarf-rooted Stella seems to have taken fine.imageimage

  • Thanks again for all the info.

    I'll have to check my soil type - i think it may be acidic.  Been growing hydrangers on the border for years now.  I've cleared it ready for re-planting now.

    Anybody know the variety of cherry blossom 'zoomer44' mentions above ?

  • lilweadlilwead Posts: 33

    Not sure, but it sounds a bit like a Flagpole Cherry...they tend to be more slender and upright than most flowering cherries.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 2,909

    The flagpole cherry looks like the one I'm talking about although the info on line says it can grow to 30ft with a spread of 6ft at the top. I prune the top off every year and it's stayed at about 6ft. As it's so narrow at the top it doesn't shade the ground so you can grow things underneath.

    I've only seen it advertised in one plant catalogue and can't remember which, I'm sorry I'm not alot of help. I purchased mine at Aldi several years ago.  

  • lilweadlilwead Posts: 33

    B&Q sells it, but if you want several, best to go to a Nursery where you can get them al the same size.

  • Thanks  all,

    I'll check it out - keep suggestions rolling in though !

  • lilweadlilwead Posts: 33

    What about 'Columnar' Fruit trees? They are pretty the old fashioned 'Ballerina' fruit trees.

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    <h1 class="catalogueName">Ceanothus (California Lilac) dwraf only 1metre</h1>
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