Help me decide on plants please, newbie here :)

MissymrMissymr Posts: 24

Hi guys

Just started work on our garden, have used a sleeper lay flat into the ground (so we can mow straight over) used as a border. 

I would like some kind of edging plant to follow the sleeper all the way along the edge, as we have one the other side of the garden so i think it will look good. 

Can you help me with some ideas on what would like nice please, grasses, shrubs? 

Any other comments/ideas would be appreciated. 


We are painting the fence tooimage 






  • MissymrMissymr Posts: 24


     Oh and this is the project for this weekend, swapping for sleepers, a big planter, ideas here too imageimage

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,105

    Does the border get sun all day or is it in shade? Do you know what direction(North, South, east or West) you would be facing if you stood with your back to the fence?

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • Grower2Grower2 Posts: 3

    Some wonderful plants on show here, I think the garden layouts certainly play their part in flowers getting good light!

  • djjjukdjjjuk Posts: 212

    is that a barbecue on that bit above that little raised bed? looks precarious and a health hazard for drunken parties!

  • MissymrMissymr Posts: 24
    djjjuk wrote (see)

    is that a barbecue on that bit above that little raised bed? looks precarious and a health hazard for drunken parties!

    No it's not

  • MissymrMissymr Posts: 24

    Thanks for "helpful" replies, I will get back to you later , i think both borders get good sun, in the morning really image

  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge Posts: 2,397

    Hi Missymr,

     Are you keeping all the plants and shrubs that are currently in the borders? 

    I was trying to enlarge the pics to work out what they were and would look nice with them, but am not the best at IDing image

    Are you wanting only suggestions for grasses and shrubs or are you interested in annuals / perennials?

    Looks exciting anyway; wish I had a new border to plant up...


  • I have a lovely blue grass, it doesn't get flattened when it rains and it's not too tall, would look nice swaying around there. Will try and find out what its called. 

    Just to say it's called Festuca Glauca  image

  • Hydr8Hydr8 Posts: 1


    I'd try dwarf lavender for a formal look or hakonechloa for a softer edge.

  • MissymrMissymr Posts: 24
    Hey all. That side of the garden gets sun until 3pm ish. Sun rises to the left of the garden. The border you see is the right side.

    We are planning on keeping the plants so I'll take some photos when it's not raining so much image

    love the ideas, the dwarf heather is gorgeous and I love the grass!

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