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Shady Side of the patch



I have recently moved into a north facing back garden, the right hand side of the image gets a lot of sun due to being out of the shadows of the house, the left hand side gets the shade – we were going to put our eglu on it but it’s not that sturdy and the grass is being used for that purpose.

Any suggestions on the left hand side ? I have watched the sun movements, it’s fairly shady to be honest – the previous owner had a go at growing some broccoli but I felt that it had failed unfortunately.

I am happy to risk some vegetables but I cant see it happening, it may be flowers – an ideas of what you would do or things to think about ?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,827

    Salad leaves do well in shade and so do herbs like chervil as full sun just burns their  leaves and makes them tough.  Other herbs such as coriander, chives and golden marjoram will do well on your shady side.  Rocket has a tendency to bolt if grown in full sun so is another good plant for shade and greens such as kale will do fine.  Swiss chard should be fine too but maybe just a touch smaller than plants grown in full sun but that's fine in a family veg plot.   Asian greens such as pak choi should love it.

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  • Interesting, thanks for that. I'll give it a go this summer and work out what does well or not. Kale, why didnt I think of kale ? A beauty in the winter.

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