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We have lots of bees in our garden. Last year and this year I noticed something odd. The bees are coming into the conservatory - not unusual in itself as the doors/windows are open in warm weather - but they are staying there. They then end up crawling on the floor and die image. I have tried putting them back outside but they come back in. Can ayone tell me whtat's going on and it I can do anything to help them, please?


  • Sounds like the poor things are suffering from heat exhaustion and are to tired to get away. They like the warm, so want to come back in, but they don't realize it's to hot for them. I believe beekeepers take the lids off the hives if in full sun to try and cool them down. To stop them coming in, put up over the door those fly screens

    and maybe you can make something out of newspaper for your windows

  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    You could try leaving a shallow dish of water there and change it from time to time.  Honey bees get de-hydrated and can be seen drinking from water sources.  Just a jam jar lid topped up will do.  When they get stuck in our greenhouse I prefer to use the glass and magazine trapping method and release them, because they go absolutely ape trying to get out of there, bashing against the glass time and time again, and getting very uptight.  Can't do them any good.

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