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Potted Bay Tree


Wonder if anyone can help.  I have a potted standard bay tree, the leaves are turning a very pale green, not the healthy dark green you might expect.  Have repotted the tree but does not seem to have made a difference.  I have read they do not like to be fed, but not sure if this is strictly true.  Any thoughts?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    If it is in a pot you can certainly feed it, preferably with a foliar fertilizer, although the fresh compost should have made a difference. Other than that, keep it moist and make sure it is in a sheltered, sunny position to give it the best chance.

    A thought - did you examine the roots while re-potting? Did they look healthy? And no sign of any grubs such as vine weevil?

  • rosa rugosarosa rugosa Posts: 28


    i'd concur with Alina, that bay trees like to be fed.  i also find with mine, that it does not do so well in the full midday sun.  it's happier now that i've moved it to an east-facing wall where it only gets morning sun, even though that is the cooler side of the house.  it needs a lot of water too.  and apparently, vine weevils especially love bay trees!   check for the tell-tale chunks taken out of the leaf margins.  haven't the grubs pupated by now?  

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