Hi all..its me again

I have got a Aubergine plant today from a nursery its about 12" tall and has good big leaves..I waas just wondering if there are any tips to growing them as I am a novice... I intend to grow it in a pot under a patio plastic greenhouse type thingie(.2'x 3' tall  sits on the patio)..I have put a bamboo stick and secured it to it as it was growing at an angle.. right or wrong ? I have it on kitchen window until it gets warmer...hopefully lol

You all have been so helpful with my last posts soI thought I'd ask away again

oh its the 'Bonica' variety


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    How big is the pot you have in mind, flowergirl? Aubergines need containers of a decent size because they grow into very sturdy plants. Bonica is also one of the bigger fruits, too, so you'll need a solid stake to support the plant and its fruit.

    Ideally aubergines need full sun. How does that fit with the patio plastic greenhouse?

    Beyond that, wait till it's properly warm before planting it out. They need warmth. You can fertilise when need be with a dedicated tomato food.

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    Thanks for that Italophile.. the plastic green house is a low level one.. its about a meter more of a large framed closh.....the pot will be about 20cm...My patio is a sun trap ..when its sunny so it will get alot of heat and sun there....

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    I'm not sure that 20cm will be big enough, flowergirl. Can you manage at least 30cm? They grow into big plants.

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    yeah I'l go and get one at the weekend....very stupid question but is the term 'planting out' mean planting out of the greenhouse into the garden?..
    Also I have some potato plants in bags and the shoots are about 2cm above the soil, at what height shoud the shoots be before I add more soil.

    Even though I am very new to growing veg I am really enjoying it.. this year will be a big learning curve for me..
    Thanks for all your help

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    Planting out usually means moving a plant from wherever it started its life, or spent its intermediate stage, in your case, on the windowsill, to its final home - in a greenhouse or outside.

    I haven't grown spuds in bags, only in the ground, but I wait till they're about 15-20cm before covering them. It might be different with bags, I don't know. Someone with experience might know better.

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