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filling in the garden

Last year we had the garden cleared and leveled, a patio and gravel area done in 1\3 of it and the rest was left as soil which is now covered in weed. Now the time has come to finish it off with turff but someone has told me to raise it up level with the gardens around so it wont flood.

My questions tho are, should i put sheeting down first, and am i ok to put rubbley stone down to raise it then top soil and turff on top.

Its quite a big area so cost is important, any help would be good if anyone has done this because the internet has 100 ways of doing it and all different.



  • How big?

  • tommysmithtommysmith Posts: 25

    12x13 meters is left to fill.

  • I would think that provided drainage in your garden is good there would be no need to raise the level. You see plenty of lawns at lower level than the borders, and plenty of deliberate 'sunken lawns'.

  • tommysmithtommysmith Posts: 25

    will have a look at some sort of drainage, tho id need a pump as the house drains are a good 2 meters higher.

    am i ok to bring it higher, would there gardens flood, if so can i get "done" for it or is it my call my garden!!

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    You wouldn't flood the neighbours' gardens by raising yours, no.

    If you are going to raise it with rubble, make sure that there is at least 8-12 inches of soil before the turf. If you don't, your lawn will struggle to get enough moisture in dry spells and look patchy at others.

  • tommysmithtommysmith Posts: 25

    TOP TIP!!!! thanks for that Alina W, think im going to raise it with stone, compact it?!?!, then add the top soil 8-12 inches

    Any objections speak now as the stone will be ordered on monday ha ha

    Thanks for the help.

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Don't compact all the stone, or you'll create a pan that will hold the water and make it flood. Leave channels in the stone so the water can drain away.

  • tommysmithtommysmith Posts: 25

    Even easier no need to hire a compactor ha ha

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