wild apples

Does anyone have the address to send a sample from a wild apple tree we have at the side of the lane at the farm? It is an unusual shape, Not much fruit this year but have managed to salvage one apple.


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    Brogdale, which is the home of the National Fruit Collection, will identify most varieties of apple. I don't know whether their collection includes 'wild' varieties. I assume that they would know.

    The service costs £20 per apple. Full details are here:

    You could easily send them an Email, to see what they know about wild apples.

    A couple of years ago, Brogdale made a special offer to members of the old gardening forum, on the BBC website. They offered to identify members' apples, from photos, for free. I sent in a dozen photos of some old varieties, and got the answers.

  • You could try visiting one of the apple days which are taking place this weekend all over the country. We took a wilding along to be identified a couple of years ago. They weren't 100% sure  of ours but you may be luckier!

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    Hi Potter its so strange iv never even given Wild apple trees more thought other than how nice they look,,untill today i purchased a jar of wild apple jam,i,d never heard of it until i saw it at the car boot sale,and now your talking about it,strange? But the jam is very different and very tastey,good luck Alan4711

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