Dahlia bed

I have a dahlia bed, how can we help?



  • Hi Kate I am new to Dahlias, I thought I would plant them in raised beds as part of a cuttting flower area, but the dahlias seem to need to be planted 90cm apart! Which doesn't leave me a lot of room for anything else, do they really need such big spacings?
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    You can plant them closer than that -I do-that distance is if you want exhibition blooms-for cutting in the garden it is not so vital -just give them room to grow.

  • It's pouring with rain and not exactly warm. I believe I shouldn't contemplate planting out my Dahias until it warms up a lot?
  • Thanks for your help sotongeoff, I will want to cut them for the house, I'm nervous about getting the planting wrong.
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Have you started them into growth or are they just dried tubers?

    What part of the country are you?

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    90cm! mine are a lot closer than that. I try to avoid the tubers touching as that can cause problems.

    I started my tubers indoors and have now planted a lot of them out as they are going strong.

  • They are only just starting to show signs of life. I don't have a greenhouse, so they are in a warm sheltered part of my garden protected by sheets of glass that I salvaged from an old greenhouse
  • Hi Kate, Sarah Raven recommends 90cm for the taller varieties, the one that grow 100cm tall? Or have I misunderstood? Which is quite possible !
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    I planted mine out 2 weeks ago-you can plant them quite deep so if there is an unexpected late frost they will resprout-I would suggest that once it stops raining you get them in.

  • I am in the welsh marches, lots of rain at the moment...
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