Non flowering : Lilac - In a pot

We have a lilac planted in a pot whicjh is now about 5 years old.

Each year it has a single white bloom (panicle ?)

It hasn't been repotted and stands in a sunny spot.

How can I encourage it to bloom ?



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    A lilac 5 years in a pot with little flower?

    It doesn't sound happy at all-in my opinion it need putting into the garden-I don't think I would consider growing one in a pot.

  • Chris 7Chris 7 Posts: 102

    Fair enough .. leaves look OK though !

    Mind you I don't even know the variety ... could be one of these massive ones ... so I'll take your advice and plant it in the garden !


  • Hi , we ve also got a 5 year old lilac that has failed to flower except for one bud last year, it is planted in the ground , has lots of healthy looking greenery but no flowers, its obviously not a happy plant, any advice please?

  • Lion SLion S Posts: 263

    Hi welsh dragon 45, there are couple of possibilities. First, Lilacs need a sunny position in order to flower well. Second, it could be getting too much nutrients which results in a lot of leafy growth and little flowers. Maybe it's planted in a well-fed lawn? Third, it may have been pruned in the wrong time of year. Lilacs do not need much pruning but when you do it it should be done after flowering.

    Another thing with Lilacs is that it's not unusual that - after having flowered beautifully in the year it was planted - it doesn't flower for three to five years. I really hope that this year's flower is a sign fot the future so you can enjoy their wonderful scent.

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