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One of my neighbours asked me for help with her garden as she seems to think i know what I am doing! She wanted a climber for her new fence and trellis so we went to the garden centre and she choose a jasmin. I helped her plant it and i explained they are quite fast growers etc but it really isnt doing an awful lot at all! Lots of the leaves are brown and look rather pathetic and its not growing at all. Her garden is north facing but where it is planted does get the sun.

I feel bad because she asked me for help and its not worked out. Any ideas what we can try?


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    What sort of Jasmine? You mention trachelospermum. When was it planted?
  • diggingdorisdiggingdoris Posts: 512

    I put a trach.jasmine in last May and mine does not look good either. Most of the stems have brown leaves on and only a few green leaves left at the bottom near the soil. I'm hoping it will improve when the weather warms up.

  • its a trach was planted in March (i think) when we had the warm weather..

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Is there any chance that it dried out at that time? That would also explain the browning. It could also have had young growth caught by frost.

    Give it a bit of tlc and it should produce some new growth soon.

  • tlc meaning feeding it? with what?

    sorry for all questions and thanks in advance for your help!

  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    Trachelospermum jasminoides like a sunny, sheltered spot as they are slightly tender. When you brought it was it undercover or outside?  It's the sort of plant I would wait until all chance of frost has passed then plant out so it has got a growing season to get established before cold weather sets in, you probably didn't want to hear that though! Could have dried out, possibly caught by late frost?? You could give it a little feed, general fertiliser (growmore, vitax or similar).  Maybe put some fleece over it if we get anymore late frosts but otherwise time will tell. I'm guessing the ground it went into was good, not heavy clay or anything like that? Enough of my ramblings. Good luck.

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