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Leylandii Hedge with TPO on it

I am trying to sell my house which I built some 19 years ago and it sits in half an acre of land.  The border which belongs to my neighbour is a Devon Hedge but composed of thick tall Leylandiis with a very few other trees squeezed in between them.

Today I was making enquiries at the Town Hall as every buyer has asked about the hedge and it seems to be putting people off.  The Planning Dept have told me there is a Tree Preservation Order on that border.  I'm flabbergasted on two counts - why has my neighbour done this, and why have the Council allowed it in the first place?

Very many years ago I fell out with the neighbour as he didn't like us thinning the branches on our side. He also wanted me to pay for insuring the trees in case they fell on our house.  I refused.    He then proceed to plant another row of Leylandiis as he said he didn't want to look down from his house and see our drive. I thought it best to avoid a dispute so decided to forget about this - until now.

Any ideas or advice?





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