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Tulips nets

It's getting near the time to dig up the tulip bulbs and store them away till replanting Later in the year


all those little orange, lemon, net bags saved, come in useful to use here for hanging the tulip bulbs up nice and aired in the potting shed.  Net bags work a treat for dahlias, begonia also.


put unwashed human hair into a net and hang where the muntjac deer roam


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,493

    I do not lift my Tulips and I would leave them until the leaves naturally fall off (which can be June/July), so I would not agree that it is near time to lift, if anything I would say it is not time at all as they need this time to grow energy for next spring. Those fruit nets are a good idea though.

  • jayne 1jayne 1 Posts: 37

    Great idea. I weren't sure to leave them in the ground or what? But I think I will leave it until June as well. Thanks for the infoimage 

  • seakaleseakale Posts: 126

    It depends on what variety of tulip you have as to whether you need to lift.  If I waited till the time was ripe for lifting then none would have had time to collect the nets.  The leaves of all bulbs need a good time in the sun to build up the energies for next year, no need to tie yr daffy leaves into little stooks either.  My Zurel tulips were planted in a tub on the south side of our house, and their leaves will be well done in about 3 weeks if this fine weather continues.


    The other tulips on the north side however are still in flower.


    I have some red  Darwin tulips whose bulbs see the air on occasions,  



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