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averil 2averil 2 Posts: 36

Ive recently bought a brug cutting from ebay and my "baby" is being nurtured constantly and is currently in a small pot before she gets put into a whopper for the summer. Can anyone advise me on compost and what sort of drainage it will require inside its pot. Absolutely gorgeous things these and I want to give her the best chances of survival in my incapable handsimage

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  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    I pot mine on in multi purpose compost, with some home made compost and leaf mould. I put a few crocks in the bottom for drainage too. In my experience they are very thirsty plants.
  • averil 2averil 2 Posts: 36

    Hi there figrat, thanks for your reply. I shall pot her up in multi purpose then, unfortunately i dont have home made. Yes i have heard they are really thirsty and they need a lot of feed ..... i shall see how i get on

    Many thanks

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Have you had a look at the 'How to overwinter and propagate brugmansia' video in the projects/how to section? You might be able to flog a few rooted cuttings of your own next year!
  • averil 2averil 2 Posts: 36

    Hi fig, ive seen a few on youtube, but im new on here and havent really had a good look round yet, but i will definitely have a look at it. Gosh some of the cuttings of the more unusual ones sell for a bomb on ebay. I will be happy if i can just keep this one alive image Many thanks

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