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I'm a first time allottmenteer and the rabbits have eaten ALL of my runner bean plants down to ground level.Please can someone give me an inexpensive solution to stopping the same thing happening again!

Thanks Valx


  • Laura CorinLaura Corin Posts: 59

    I can't offer you inexpensive.  The only two things that work for me are a) planting things that rabbits don't like to eat and b) putting up a rabbit fence.  

    a) won't help you much on an allotment - the only edibles I can think of that rabbits are less likely to eat are mediterranean herbs.  

    b) my rabbit fence is about 90cm tall and is laid so that it runs under the turf horizontally outwards from the bottom for about 30cm.  So far, this seems to keep them out as they haven't worked out that they need to start a long way out to burrow underneath.

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