Cutting Sweet Williams

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Hi all, I'm growing some Sweet Williams and my idea was to use them as cut flowers. They look like they're about to flower. How much of the stem should I cut and when? Thanks! Owen.


  • Ommthree.....and a jolly fine old fashioned flower they are too! Normally I cut mine by about half of their height when they are starting to open.

    Btw, Sweet Williams are related to named because their petals seem to have been trimmed with pinking shears.



    Pic taken in Geoff Hamilton's garden.

  • ommthreeommthree Posts: 314
    Thanks both. I'm a fan of pinks and grow a few varieties of them on the balcony. This is my first try with Sweet William however. they seem to have grown very well. Thanks again!
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    I started growing them three years ago and now wouldn't be with out them.  They smell lovely - a very gentle perfume and they last for ages.  They seed themselves about too.

  • ommthreeommthree Posts: 314
    Excellent! I'll look forward to seeing them flower!
  • Just a point for those growing them in the open ground, they self-seed like wildfire.

  • Apols, Forester....didn't spot your 'They seed themselves about too' comment before I posted the above. image 

  • ommthreeommthree Posts: 314

    I'll cut them mercilessly then to be on the safe side.

  • ommthree wrote (see)

    I'll cut them mercilessly then to be on the safe side.


    They're an excellent plant to harvest seed from, Owen.....just remember to let a couple of heads run to seed and you'll have enough seed to plant your neighbourhood.

  • ommthreeommthree Posts: 314

    Any specially recommended varieties, for next time?

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